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Trouble With The Taxman?

With over 25 years experience in dealing with tax investigations, tax enquiries and tax disclosures of all types, we can provide you with the quality of service and level of expertise you will need

Tax Investigations
Tax InvestigationsWhatever term HMRC may use to describe a review of your tax position, it will usually involve an intrusive, and critical investigation of your personal and business affairs 
Contractual Disclosures COP9
Contractual Disclosures COP9The Code of Practice 9 (Civil Investigation of Suspected Serious Fraud) procedures are probably the most serious type of investigation undertaken by HMRC short of prosecution. 
Voluntary Disclosures
Voluntary DisclosuresSometimes businesses, or individuals, discover that, for one reason or another, a mistake has been made and there is an underpayment of tax, PAYE/NIC or VAT 
Offshore Disclosures
Offshore Disclosures

Anything involving offshore accounts, assets or transactions will instantly arouse the interest of H M Revenue & Customs Inspectors no matter how innocent or well intended the reasons

Appeals and Tax Tribunal Hearings
When agreement with HMRC cannot be reached it is essential to ensure that a properly constructed appeal is put in place to protect your position. 
PAYE Disputes
Tax investigations are called many things and come in many guises; a PAYE audit or check is simply another one. 

The purpose of the audit is to ensure that an employer is complying with all his obligations under the PAYE regulations and will include a review of.....
Employed or Self Employed?
Sometimes the status of workers is unclear and a challenge by HMRC can prove to be very difficult to manage; a proper assessment of the facts and evidence should usually reveal the answer but HMRC s interpretation is often unfavourable
Professional Advisors
We can offer you, and your clients, our range of services to augment or enhance the services you are already providing to your clients. 
I have known Gary for a number of years in a professional capacity and hold him in the highest esteem as a highly trained specialist at the 'top of his game' with an ability to service clients at all levels".

By Dipak Shelat, Institute of Asian Business - Birmingham Chamber of Commerce